Social Media Roundup: You Have All the Time in the World

An argument against moving so speedily on social media. Also: "One Megatrend to Rule Them All" in lifelong learning.

Ask any journalist: One of the biggest pitfalls of social media is the way it encourages errors, rumors, and sloppiness, all in the name of being first.

But in the wake of a certain major news story, the tide looks like it’s starting to turn against this style of coverage in favor of something … slower. Is it time to take a step back? That and more in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Slow-cial Media

Slow down, you move too fast: Could social media’s great opportunity be found outside of immediacy? ProPublica’s Amanda Zamora, writing for Harvard’s Neiman Journalism Lab, hopes that 2013 brings a less-immediate approach to social media. “In our fixation on immediacy,” she explains, “we’re missing opportunities to tell a larger story through social means. At times, we’re even perpetrating rumor for the sake of ‘real-time’ coverage (see: Newtown shootings social media disaster). In both cases, we’re letting readers down.” Clearly, she wrote this with social journalists in mind, but what is there to be said about associations following a similar not-so-fast approach to their social endeavors?

Where the Disruption Is

Many little trends, one big one: According to Tagoras’ Jeff Cobb, a lot of extremely varied trends are defining ongoing education—and in fact, disrupting it. (Think content marketing, self-publishing, and big data.) But according to Cobb, there’s “One Megatrend to Rule Them All” … and despite that intro, it sounds modest at its root. We live longer, which gives us more opportunities to learn, in numerous contexts. “Everything I have mentioned above makes this truer than ever,” Cobb writes. “Learning happens in myriad ways through and throughout our lives. The smartest learning businesses recognize this and make sure they the provide experiences and content that evolve with the learner.” Finding the trend true in your own life?

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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