There’s an Association for Everything: Ice

In sometimes surprising ways, associations play direct and indirect roles in bringing the products, services, and activities of daily life to people around the world. Each issue, find out how.

National Ice Carving Association: Like marble and bronze, ice is an excellent material from which to chisel beautiful works of art. Just ask the National Ice Carving Association, dedicated to promoting the art of ice sculpture and carving. NICA hosts several ice-carving competitions around the country and sponsors a scholarship program for college students interested in pursuing an “ice art education.”

Association of Climate Change Officers: Icebergs often get a bad rap. But these floating chunks of ice may hold important clues to the effects of climate change—a fact important to members of the Association of Climate Change Officers, whose mission is to promote the work of those developing and implementing climate change strategies.

Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators: If your idea of a fun vacation involves icicles and polar bears, then head straight for the Arctic, where the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators manages safe and environmentally friendly expeditions of this northern, icy terrain. AECO, whose members include cruise and tour operators, port agents, and travel agents, aims to educate people about the Arctic and its environment, culture, and history.


Katie Bascuas

By Katie Bascuas

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