A Social Media Guide to Board Meetings

Guidelines for boards to follow when creating a board meeting social media strategy.

Chances are your association doesn’t have a social media strategy for board meetings. You’re not alone, according to association growth strategist David Nour, who recommends implementing a “drip campaign” on social media one month ahead of your board meetings.

Strategy: Nour says not to confuse hiring a social media manager with having a proactive social strategy. “Many associations think, ‘We’ve got a 20-something tweeting so we’ve got it covered,” he says.

“Sure, bring in the fresh blood to do the tactical stuff, but you cannot abdicate your strategy to a 21-year-old,” he says. “There’s a reason the executive director and board are there. This is the skill set of the future leaders of the associations. Social and mobile needs a line item on every agenda.”

Upshot: Merely being a “social” organization isn’t enough—there’s a huge leap to becoming a social-enabled association. And as Nour notes, “It can only start with leadership.”

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Margaret Loftus

By Margaret Loftus

Margaret Loftus is a contributing editor at National Geographic Traveler and has written for U.S. News & World Report, Boston Globe, and MORE

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