Lunchtime Links: Mountain Biking Group Catalogs Nation’s Trails

A mountain biker intends to map out every trail in the country with help of the International Mountain Bicycling Association. Also: Tumblr's director of outreach shares tips for using the free blogging platform.

Mountain bicycling is not for the faint at heart. It takes energy and strength to bike through some of the harshest trails in the country, not to mention a good sense of direction. That’s no problem for photographer and mapping expert Leslie Kehmeier.

Find out why in today’s Lunchtime Links:

I think that every business is, in some sense, a story. Your blog is the chance to tell that story every day in collaboration with your customers.

Trailing away: As Leslie Kehmeier bikes across the country to catalog every trail in the nation, she’s accompanied by a crew of members of the International Mountain Bicycling Association. Her passion for mountain biking and mapping translate to her blog, “All Over The Map,” which she’ll be updating throughout her adventure ride with photos and GPS files. Why is she doing this? “Because if there’s one thing mountain bikers have in common, it’s an inherent wanderlust. That, and a knack for getting lost,” she wrote.

Teach me how to tumble: Why use Tumblr? And how? If you’re looking to get started with the growing platform (“Tumblr” became a more popular search term than “blog” at the end of 2012), this interview with Tumblr’s director of outreach, Mark Coatney, will get you started. From character building to engagement, Coatney offers some solid tips for small business professionals looking to kickstart their blogosphere presence, which he believes is essential in order to engage with their customers. “I think that every business is, in some sense, a story,” Coatney says. “Your blog is the chance to tell that story every day in collaboration with your customers.”

Heads of state tweet, too: Not on Twitter yet? Not only do you have no excuse, but world leaders are way ahead of you. The Digital Policy Council recently reported that 75 percent of world leaders are on Twitter, a huge jump from 2011’s 42 percent. According to the council, the numbers will only keep growing: It anticipates nearly 100 percent of world leaders to be on Twitter in 2013, signaling a dramatic transformation for political communication. “This would render Twitter as a de facto communication tool for all heads of state,” the report concluded. What world leader has the most followers? None other than social media savant Barack Obama.

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