Social Media Roundup: Create a Sustainable Event in 2013

From boxed water to repurposed materials, sustainable design is a big trend in 2013. How can your event take advantage?

Could 2013 become the year of post-consumer decor?

With associations and businesses focused on cost-consciousness, it might be time for a little sustainability in the look of your booths and events. Things are trending that way, even! Here’s proof that 2013 is looking nice and compostable:

Go “Susty” in 2013

Want to make your meetings more sustainable? Take a look at some ideas from Meeting Change, a company focused on sustainable solutions for annual meetings. Like a really awesome Pinterest board, this article on “Susty Things” is full of cool ideas, from boxed water to bags created from post-consumer waste materials. Regarding the very cool Boxed Water Is Better, Mariela McIlwraith writes, “Although I will always prefer a refillable bottle, boxed water provides a better alternative to bottled and can be a practical way of taking water to outdoor events where dehydration may be a concern.”

Design Trends to Watch

Everyone has an opinion on what’s the new black in 2013, and Smartmeetings has a few ideas of its own—some of which are focused strictly on design. To continue today’s Roundup theme, the top item is repurposed materials. “Creative reuse has become a popular way to embrace simplicity and sustainability while also curbing costs,” the magazine’s Nikki Gloudeman writes. She also sees things trending in favor of natural fibers, interactive meeting spaces, and tech-heavy presentations. How are you working to add more sustainability and natural tones to your decor?

See anything cool today? Let us know all about it in the comments.


Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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