Social Media Roundup: Embrace the Changing Climate

Social Media Roundup: Embrace the Changing Climate

How one association got comfortable with disruption at its recent meeting. Also: Do hashtags on Twitter---the right way.

Are digital disruptions truly disruptive, considering we live in a world surrounding by constant communication? Advice for how meeting planners should embrace the changing communication landscape, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Be More Beta

You’ve probably been in meetings where everyone was on their phone. It’s the curse of our digital generation: Our attention is constantly diverted to our mobile devices. Former meeting planner and event organizer Michelle Bruno knows this very well. But does disruption have to be a bad thing? In her blog post, she recounts a discussion on embracing digital disruptions at the last PCMA Convening Leaders meeting. “If the level of experimentation at the meeting (lunch four different ways and the tradeshow reimagined) was any indication, PCMA is always in beta, trying new form factors and delivery systems,” she noted. “It almost seemed as if, despite some of the glitches that come with the territory, they embrace digital and disruption in general as a matter of policy. What a difference (non)denial makes.” (ht @edheiland)

#Don’t #Do #This

Need some help wrapping your head around hashtags? B2B Marketing has a few ideas for honing the basic skills behind the Twitter mainstay. From promotion to community building, the article has some great pointers for new and veteran Twitter users, but when it’s all said and done, hashtags are simply about being a part of a conversation. “The more hashtags you’re using, the more conversations you’re entering. Instead of jumping on three hashtags to make sure your content is seen, just pick the most relevant possible hashtag and use that (numerous hashtags can make things look messy and hard to read).” (ht @MissLynn13)

What are you tweeting about today? Share with us know in the comments.

Anita Ferrer

By Anita Ferrer

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