Social Media Roundup: How to Tackle a Presidential Criticism

Associations take on President Obama's negative comments about football. Also: What foodie trends are you following at your conference ?

Hear the one about President Barack Obama dissing football? While the NFL had plenty to say, some associations sounded off on the president’s latest remark, too. That and more in today’s social media roundup.

Football Fans?

Recently, Obama made headlines with this comment to The New Republic: “If I had a son, I’d have to think long and hard before I let him play football.” He was pointing to the violent nature of the sport and potential for serious injuries to players. (The comment came at a particularly sensitive time, just days after the family of former NFL star Junior Seau sued over his death, which they claim was caused by injuries Seau sustained while playing.) After the comments, associations such as the Sports & Fitness Industry Association have chimed in with their two cents on the matter. Tom Cove, the CEO and president of the SFIA, told Politico: “The future of football rests with engaged parents who expect and demand certified coaches and administrators teaching proper technique and sportsmanship, using appropriate equipment in appropriate levels of competition, in programs that have well-established health, safety, and return-to-play protocols.” The National Sporting Goods Association’s director of marketing and communications, Bruce Hammond, emphasized this point as well, noting that youth sports help “develop a variety of skills, including teamwork and leadership.” What’s your take on Obama’s concern about safety in the sport? (ht @NSGASportingGds)

Meeting Meals

How much effort do you put into the food served at your conferences? Take note of the trends from the Plan Your Meetings blog, which features ideas for making food at your meetings healthier (yet still desirable!). Swap items for a change-up in menu (think cauliflower versus mashed potates) and serve salads that are more exciting than your average Caesar loaded with dressing. Trends to look for: nonalcholic drinks that nod to the season, water stations with flavorings for a spa feeling (cucumbers or mint are popular nowadays), and healthier snack choices such as popcorn and fresh fruit. (ht @jeffhurt) What are you tweeting about today? Let us know in the comments.

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