Social Media Roundup: On Carrots and Sticks

Why a little incentive for your members goes a long way. Also: Focus on LinkedIn now, not when you need it later.

Want your members to do something, but finding it a tough sell? Incentivize.

Some thoughts on how, and more, in our Social Media Roundup:

Give Members An Incentive

Make engagement worthwhile: According to MemberClicks’ Sarah Hill, a little perk can go a long way as far as getting someone to do something for your organization. You know, the whole carrot and stick thing. Hill breaks things down from a standpoint of priorities, needs, and what people might be willing to do. Because, of course, it has to be something that’s worth their time: “If you’ve ever been to a professional sporting event, you’ve probably noticed that there’s not much people won’t do for a free T-shirt,” she writes. “But chances are your goals don’t involve talking someone into doing the chicken dance in front of thousands of people.”

Use LinkedIn the Right Way

Feel like you’re not getting it? LinkedIn is an important network to use for creating and building a professional profile, but chances are you’re not doing it right. Inc.‘s Jeff Haden offers a few ideas, including an emphasis on improving your profile before you have any direct networking needs. “If you put off making solid connections until the day you need something—customers, employees, a job, or just a better network—then you’ve waited too long,” he explains. “Think about where you someday want to be and start now to build the connections, the network, and the following that will support those goals.”

Have you given enough attention to your LinkedIn presence? Let us know how you’d like to improve it.


Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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