Top Picks for Association Execs From CES 2013

Top Picks for Association Execs From CES 2013

From power consumption to smartphone enhancements, tech ideas for execs on the go are emerging from the International Consumer Electronics Show, one of the most highly anticipated tradeshows of the year.

Admit it, you’re in the market for new, useful tech tools. Fortunately for you, now’s the right time be be thinking about that, with CES 2013 under way in Las Vegas this week.

With thousands of projects being displayed and hawked at the International Consumer Electronics Show, it can be tough to sort through the chaos to find what gadget works best for your lifestyle.

To ease the search, here are a few picks association executives can look forward to:


Wander luggage: If you’re in a new city for a conference, losing your luggage can be a huge headache. Between finding replacement attire and checking into your hotel, you barely have time to check where your luggage wound up. One possible solution? TrakDot, featured on the Los Angeles Times, which tracks your luggage to its current airport location. With the device tucked into your bag, you can check its location via an app, text message, or email. TrackDot is due to arrive this spring with a $50 price tag and an annual usage fee.



Smart touch: Having trouble with your smartphone’s touchscreen? A new Canopy case debuted at CES that allows users to use the touchscreen through the back and sides of the phone so your fingers don’t take up as much of the front screen. Scroll through text messages or emails by sliding your finger down the side of the case versus onscreen, and press the side to take photos the way you would with, well, an actual camera.



Juice up: If Hurricane Sandy taught us anything, it’s that executives are extremely tech-dependent. Think about all the battles you faced trying to hook up to Starbucks’ wi-fi, and the panic that set in once they closed. features the Goal Zero Yeti 150, a charger that stores 150 watt-hours of energy—enough to charge your laptop several times over or run your tablet for a week straight. Opt for the solar panel and keep it in the sun to juice it up.

What cool gadgets are you seeing at CES? Are you adding any new tech finds to your office? Let us know in the comments.

Chloe Thompson

By Chloe Thompson

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