Executive Summary: Adam Thocher

Executive Summary: Adam Thocher

The director of membership services for the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy in Falls Church, Virginia tells us what makes him tick.

My favorite blogs

Gearjunkie.com, HBR

If I weren’t doing this, I’d …

… love to own a CrossFit gym and professionally race mountain bikes.

What I do when I’m not at work

When I’m not training for my next adventure—biking, hiking, or kayaking—I can be found sailing, camping, cooking, or traveling somewhere I’ve never been before.

My 3 goals for 2013

1. Increase engagement in all classes of membership.
2. Develop a strategy to collect more member demographic information.
3. Implement a major upgrade of our AMS.

Who I’m following on Twitter

#ASAEYP, @ARLnowDOTcom, @NYTimes

The best advice I ever got

Life is too short to be boring.

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