Social Media Roundup: Mix Up Your Membership

Feel like your membership is a little sluggish right now? Try whipping something new together. It might just work.

A couple eggs, a little flour, some milk, sugar, and a mixing bowl, and eventually, you’re on your way to baking something really tasty.

But it’s the extra ingredients you add—the inspired flourishes, the new touches, the unique flavors—that spark excitement.

Now apply that logic to your membership. That and more in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Get a New Mix Going

Need some ideas to get your members moving again? MemberClicks’ Sarah Hill has a few ideas, but the key one is to jump out of your normal approach. “Instead of the same charity events that have been tried and true,” she writes, “try another agency in the area that needs some help. A break from the routine will give your members something to pay attention to and share.” She also notes that sometimes the best way to figure out what might appeal to members is to…y’know, ask a member. Whoa, crazy idea! (ht @MemberClicks)

Sales Via Hashtags?

Well, here’s an interesting one: Apparently, American Express has figured out a way to sell Groupon-style deals on Tumblr using hashtags. I know, your mind just exploded, right? Anyway, AdWeek has the details about the program, which allows you to type in a hashtag on Twitter and, if you’re signed up for the program, pay for the deal. “Twitter Offers launched last year, and the response has been pretty fantastic,” said the company’s Leslie Berland. “We want to bring in the new technology that we have to life in a most dramatic way, which we think Twitter is ripe for.” Think that your members are looking to buy deals this way? (ht @SteveDrake)

What’s hit your social media radar today? Tell us about it! Hit us up in the comments.


Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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