Social Media Roundup: Test Out Next Practices

Social Media Roundup: Test Out Next Practices

Think like an innovator by developing next practices for your industry. Also: some steps to connecting with influencers.

What’s more valuable: following practices that have already worked or making those practices better?

The answer, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

What’s Next?

I bet you read best practices often. In the words of Adrian Segar, conference organizer and industry blogger, best practices are good for those who are first learning about an industry. (He says a lot of smart stuff like this—his old posts often resurface on Twitter. This one’s one of those oldies-but-goodies.) It’s essential to know what happened in the past and what the standard is now. But “next practices” move you forward as an innovator in the future of your industry. “If we restrict ourselves to best practices, then at best we’ll maintain the status quo, with the ever-present danger that at any time a competitor could make our industry’s best practices second best,” Segar writes. (ht @KloverEvents)

Finding Influence

Do you follow influence? When it comes to attending tradeshows and connecting with power players, people can be understandably shy. However, influencers are the most valuable connections. shares six steps to connecting with influential people in your industry by business author Steven Babisky. These include doing your homework and being prepared to bring some ideas to the table. According to Babisky, you should find a common point and talk about it. Also, make sure you can get in touch with this person after you meet, not just through social media. You can check out all six here. (ht @heidithorne)

What have you been sharing in the social sphere today? Let us know in the comments.

Anita Ferrer

By Anita Ferrer

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