Social Media Roundup: Revamp Your Nonprofit on Facebook

Social Media Roundup: Revamp Your Nonprofit on Facebook

The hugely popular social network's strategic partnerships manager has some tips for your social media staff. Also: lessons for leading great meetings.

If your nonprofit or association is on Facebook but doesn’t see much activity, it may be time to look at what others are doing.

That, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Facebook + Nonprofits = Love

If you want to launch a Facebook campaign, where do you start? Facebook’s strategic partnerships manager, Libby Leffler, spoke to Mashable about great ways nonprofits can be active on Facebook. One of her recommendations is to use the Nonprofits Resource Center. According to Leffler, the center has the best examples of Facebook projects, and it’s meant to “lift great ideas and spark really great creative content.” “It’s not just big nonprofits and it’s not just corporations that are launching foundations and crowdsourcing dollars. It’s also grassroots, it’s organic, it’s real people who launch a page in their kitchen over a cup of coffee,” she says. How is your organization making the most of its Facebook activity? (ht @clubexpress)

Let’s not waste another meeting

Make your meeting meaningful. Justin Rosenstein, cofounder of Asana (and a former Google and Facebook employee), offers straightforward advice for the next meeting you lead at your office. He says clarity, time management, and a set list of goals are essential to leading productive meetings with colleagues. And taking notes and following through ensure that you haven’t wasted your time and everyone else’s. “Extract information and perspective from the team, identify next actions and owners for each action—as quickly as possible,” he writes. (ht @ChicagoMPI)

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