Social Media Roundup: Virtual Meetings for Members Who Can’t Attend

Social Media Roundup: Virtual Meetings for Members Who Can’t Attend

One association's virtual conference success story. Also: Don't treat networking like it's a verb.

With today’s technology, all your members can attend your next conference, even if they never leave their offices.

That, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Why Virtual meetings Work

Would you attend a virtual conference if your association offered one? Recognizing there was no way 22,000 members across the nation could travel to its conference, the American Payroll Association developed a system in which its members could experience the conference: Virtual Congress. It’s a one-day online event where members can get access to a sample of educational programming and can visit a virtual exhibit hall—all for free. Would your association benefit from offering a virtual conference option for your members? (ht @etouches)

To network or not to network?

Networking isn’t just a buzzword, it’s part of the professional lifestyle. Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to network and keep in touch with people you meet at conferences or meetings. But don’t think of networking just as working a room, conference professional and speaker Thom Singer advises, because it’s much bigger than that. “Networking should not be seen as a verb—’Oh, I need to Go Network.’ Instead it is a lifestyle and a commitment to the people you encounter in your community,” he writes. (ht @VelChain)

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