Social Media Roundup: The Value of Pooling Resources

How cooperating with other associations can alleviate financial constraints. Also: A publication successfully grabbed the attention of the millennial generation. Here's how they did it.

It may sound quaint, but do you share sugar or salt with your neighbors? Sharing your “salt” with other associations can be just as kind.

That, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Supply Pooling

In this economy, sharing is honorable. And sometimes, totally practical—for example, when pooling resources. Cooperating with other associations could be beneficial all the way around, especially financially. “In the face of financial constraints, resource sharing can generate significant cost efficiency via economies of scale,” Michael Foreman writes on Association Event Planner. “Cooperative working between associations can streamline operational efficiencies in terms of time and labour.” Can you see some advantages to sharing resources and suppliers with other associations?(ht @CSAEBC)

Understanding Millennials

Has your association tried to reach millennials? Mental Floss, a publication dedicated to generating random facts and producing offbeat products, has successfully attracted the generation’s attention. At a recent Digiday Publishing Summit, founder William Pearson spoke about how Mental Floss managed to understand its millennial audience. A top recommendation: Know that millennials are goal-setters, not overconfident and entitled. “It’s a generation that respects intelligence,” Pearson said at the summit. “We have to resist the temptation to dumb it down—we have to help them set goals.” (ht @deirdrereid)

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Anita Ferrer

By Anita Ferrer

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