Lunchtime Links: Breaking Up Conflicts

What happens when both sides think they're right? Seth Godin on dealing with conflict. Also: why happy workers are more geared toward solving difficult issues.

Conflict in the workplace can be a challenge to resolve, but having the right tactics in your back pocket will go a long way.

People can be inspired to meet stretch goals and tackle impossible challenges if they care about the outcome.

That, and more, in today’s Lunchtime Links:

No right or wrong: It’s can be hard to resolve a conflict where both sides (naturally) believe they’re right. But you can come to an agreement to disagree, or, if you play your cards right, even get the other side to agree with you. According to Seth Godin, it all comes down to respect. “The thing that’s worth addressing has nothing much to do with the matter at hand and everything to do with building credibility, attention, and respect. Only then do you have a chance to educate and eventually persuade.”

A problem-solving staff: Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a Harvard Business School professor and author, recently found that happy people work harder to battle difficult social problems and strive to make a difference. “People can be inspired to meet stretch goals and tackle impossible challenges if they care about the outcome,” she wrote on HBR. Associations tackle difficult issues on a daily basis. How do you ensure your staff is happy and engaged enough to solve your members’ toughest professional challenges?

Keeping it in the community: How do you make your members a part of your social media communication process? When engaging with your members, don’t just tell them what’s going on in your association. Let them talk. Retweet their comments and add some context to them. Publicly welcome new members into your association community, and enable communication between members. “Creating stronger connections in social media is not that much different than how you accomplish it in real life,” writes Christina G. Smith, director of content and client marketing at YourMembership.com. “The more specifics you can provide, the more personal connections you can offer, the more valuable the exposure becomes for all.” How do you enable communication within your association?

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By Anita Ferrer

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