Social Media Roundup: A Different Generation Gap

Social Media Roundup: A Different Generation Gap

Study shows gen X and gen Y bring different mindsets and expectations to events and conferences. Also: When do you start adding social media into your event planning? That's a trick question.

When we say “generation gap,” we’re usually talking about older people vs. younger people. But what about younger people vs. even younger people? The differences may be more subtle, but according to one study, they definitely show—especially at events.

That, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Generations’ Expectations

It’s not easy to please everybody, especially event attendees. According to a study by Amsterdam RAI, members of generation Y look for a high level of participation and active involvement in an event, while members of generation X are hunting for personal experiences and building trust. How can event planners fulfill the expectations of both generations? Even though gen X and gen Y want different things, they agree that the experience should be interactive and worthwhile, “before, during, and after” the fact. “The need for a ‘real experience’ or to be informed before the event about what to expect are easily solved by most of the mainstream technology available for the industry,” Julius Solaris writes on Event Manager Blog. (ht @JPdLEvents)

Your Event Without Social Media

Can you imagine planning an event without social media? Truth is, these days, you can’t afford to not have a social presence, according to Esteban Contreras, director of strategy for Sprinklr. Contreras believes social media is integral to every step of event planning. “It’s important that you don’t see social as a separate channel, but that it is integrated with everything you are doing. The lines are blurred. If your strategy is to ignore social media—some companies will end up doing that—that will show,” he said in an interview with BizBash. How do you ensure an engaging social presence for your meetings?(ht @BizBash_News)

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