Social Media Roundup: Should You Invent or Innovate?

Let's dive back into the age-old debate on whether leaders should focus on innovation or invention. Also: What are the ways you procrastinate? And is it procrastination if you're creating something?

When it comes to your leadership style, are you innovative or inventive? The two diverging paths cross more often than not, but as a leader, you can’t do both at once.

That, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

How To Lead


As a leader, do you long to create an impact? There are diverging theories on how a leader can best make an impact on his or her industry: some say through innovation, others urge invention. An innovative leader champions an idea that will lead an industry down a new path, while an inventor creates a product with tangible influence in the world. David Edwards and Krisztina Holly embody this rivalry: As their debate on Entrepreneur.com shows, Edwards is pro-invention, while Holly is on team innovation. Which team are you on? (ht @GYDELY)

Defining Procrastination


When you write a to-do list, two things can happen: You either do the things on the list, or you find things that are more fun to do and do those instead. In the case of Chris Brogan, writing is much more fun than doing what he actually should be doing. But if it’s taking his focus away from what he should be doing, is it procrastinating? “I’m being lazy right now, and instead of doing what needs doing, I’m creating. I’m not even creating something that’s due this week. I’m making something that’s due never, that might or might not be part of a better project,” Brogan admits. He questions his procrastination, then realizes it doesn’t matter. The time is already gone. Do you find yourself stuck procrastinating? What are your techniques for getting rid of the bad habit?(ht @Cadence_Live)

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