Social Media Roundup: Social Savvy Increases Productivity

A recent study shows that collaboration via social media leads to greater productivity within a team. Also: Why you should co-create your next meeting.

How lenient are you with social media in the office?

Why it’s time to loosen the reins, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Social Media And Collaboration

How does your team collaborate? A study showed employees encouraged to use social media are most productive at work. Their social media usage also leads them to find more efficient, online ways of collaborating with their colleagues. “Plenty of surveys and studies have looked at the benefits of granting employees unfettered social media access in the workplace, often focusing on increased collaboration among co-workers and, at the very least, keeping companies digitally savvy enough to compete for young talent.” What are your office social media guidelines? (ht @annccraig)

Be A Kickstarter

Reality check: Attendees are expecting a memorable experience. Does your association have the resources to give them that? According to Jackie Mulligan, you should kickstart your next event. Kickstarter, a co-ownership website that rallies investors for a product, could lead to a co-created event or meeting good enough to make your attendees eager to check out the next one. This approach “presents a tremendous opportunity for meeting professionals to find new ways of developing and creating experiences. Think of what you could do in this Kickstarter space with a network of people who love what you do or love what you share,” she writes. (ht @Jackiemulls)

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Anita Ferrer

By Anita Ferrer

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