Study: Screen Size Doesn’t Matter Much for Mobile Users

The content that consumers choose to view on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop depends more on their location and the content type than the size of the screen they’re using, new research has found.

With all the buzz around responsive web design and screen size, a new study found that a person’s location (at home, at work, on the go) and the type of content (news, social, games, video)  matter more than the type of screen people are viewing content on.

On-the-go content consumption is associated more with smartphones, which also have shorter usage times.

“We are device agnostic,” according to the Decipher Media and YuMe study, which examined how advertisers should target multi-screen audiences.

Based on survey and interview data, the research found that most media is consumed at home, where consumers are more relaxed and spend more time exploring content. People are also more receptive to advertising when viewing content at home, as opposed to when they are out and about, at work, or traveling.

On-the-go content consumption is associated more with smartphones, which also have shorter usage times. People tend to spend 10 minutes or less viewing content on their phones. Laptops and tablets, on the other hand, are more commonly associated with home use and are used for longer periods of time.

The most commonly accessed type of content on all three devices is written content, as opposed to games or videos, and of that, news and social are the most popular genres.

Other significant findings:

  • Forty-four percent of those surveyed and/or interviewed own all three devices.
  • Video is consumed more frequently in the home, where users tend to have access to faster WiFi.
  • More social content is viewed on a smartphone (43 percent) than on other devices, and most of that content (56 percent) is viewed at home.
  • Business content is the most likely genre to be accessed at work.

Ultimately it’s not all about the screen, according to a Decipher Media  blog post: “All screens have the potential to work for the number one spot for relaxed medium consumption—the home.”


Katie Bascuas

By Katie Bascuas

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