Social Media Roundup: A Nonprofit Leader’s Long Path

After witnessing poverty and struggle, buildOn's founder, Jim Ziolkowski, discovered how to make an impact in these communities. Also: How one company is rethinking the performance review process.

From religious explorations to the needy streets of Harlem, buildOn’s founder, Jim Ziolkowski, felt the need to help build these communities up.

What you can learn from his methods, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Making an Impact

While Jim Ziolkowski backpacked the Himalayas, he witnessed extreme poverty, lack of medical treatment, and faulty education systems, among other things. After his travels, he began helping a community in Harlem. He later founded the nonprofit organization buildOn, which now runs both local and international programs centered around community improvement and progressiveness. The Afterschool Youth Development Program, showcased in this video, follows volunteer students who visit senior citizens, tutor elementary children, feed the homeless, and do other tasks that improve their own neighborhoods. According to buildOn, 94 percent of the students in the program have gone to college. Ziolkowski will be the general session speaker at this year’s ASAE Springtime Expo, taking place May 16 in Washington, DC. (ht @JimZbuildOn)

Not Just A Review

Imagine you could give performance reviews on a weekly basis. While doing so is likely unnecessary and too time-consuming, managers should have a system in place to maintain an ongoing dialogue with employees to provide feedback. David Hassell, CEO of 15Five, has employees take 15 minutes to fill out progress reports, which a manager takes five minutes to read. Hassell told Fast Company that it’s an “organizational habit on a lightweight basis. … We are big believers that when people are really open and authentic you can build real trust and a solid powerful organization.” How does your organization handle performance reviews?(ht @alexnrodriguez)

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buildOn founder Jim Ziolkowski. (via buildOn's Flickr page)

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