Social Media Roundup: Google+ Gets A New Look

Google+'s redesign shows they're leaning toward socially visual content. Also: Don't let conflict between board members go undiscussed.

One of the biggest social media transformations in the past few years has been visual sharing. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram have been the leaders, but now Google+ wants to be added to that list—and thanks to its latest redesign, it makes a pretty strong case.

That, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

The New Google+

Google+ just got a new, more interactive look. To intensify the visual experience, the new Google+ will have a three-column-wide grid and full-screen, high-resolution photos and videos. “By exposing visitors to more visual content at once, Google is likely hoping that users will find something that intrigues them quicker,” The Verge reports. You can check out more on the Google+ redesign, including new apps, over this way. (ht @JeremyLittau)

Deal With Conflict

There are two types of boardroom conflict: cognitive (a disagreement of ideas that can lead to a productive dialogue) and affective (emotionally oriented conflict that can turn two board members against each other). Both conflicts should be addressed,  because you don’t want the affective conflict to trump the cognitive. “Address affective conflict as soon as it arises—easier done if you don’t fear the consequence of damaging a prior relationship. Don’t be afraid of cognitive conflict—embrace it as a source of innovation and creativity in problem solving,” Solange Charas, president of Charas Consulting Inc., writes for the Harvard Business Review blog network. What are some methods you’ve found to alleviate both types of conflict in your boardroom? (ht @sliceworks)

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Anita Ferrer

By Anita Ferrer

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