Social Media Roundup: Team-Building for Oenophiles

How wineries are offering a team-building environment for business retreats, and what you can learn. Also: leadership lessons for meeting professionals from J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler.

Is it time for your association’s staff retreat? Maybe you could take a cue from the movie Sideways and wine down.

Business retreats perfectly designed for wine lovers, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Retreating At A Winery

Wineries are helping coworkers bond, and, no, their solution is not to drink more. (Though if you’re looking to, the option’s certainly nearby.) They organize team-building activities, such as wine making, where colleagues complete tasks that couldn’t be more different from their office jobs. Mauricio Romo, tourism manager at the Viu Manent vineyard in Chile, says the tasks make guests feel like their organization’s goals aren’t complex at all, next to wine making. This New York Times article explains how some wineries organize retreats. Napa Valley, California, actually encourages wineries to hold corporate gatherings. (ht @mirivarren)

Leading An Event

How do you ensure your events go as planned? In some ways, meeting planning is like running a company. You have to pay attention to your market, take creative risks, and pay attention to details—but only the important ones. Those are a few of the leadership tips that Fast Company recently gleaned from J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler. One key theme: Simplicity is crucial. “Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest ones, but something or someone gets in your way. How can you make your event easier for your attendees?” DeDe Mulligan, CMP, wrote on the AVEvent Services blog, based on Drexler’s interview with Fast Company. (ht @DedeMulligan)

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Anita Ferrer

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