Can Feedly Replace Google Reader As King of RSS Feeds?

Less than a month from now, Google Reader will be gone, and Feedly is positioning itself as the popular news reader's heir apparent. But Feedly doesn't just aim to be a replacement: It wants to reimagine how people experience reading.

As the world’s most popular RSS reader prepares to shut down in July, developers, third-party clients, and users are on the lookout for a suitable replacement to accommodate their news feeds and content needs.

One option is Feedly, one of several free alternatives to Google Reader. What has it poised to become the next big thing? Here are a couple of potential benefits:

Seamless migration: Back in March,  the Feedly blog detailed a project code-named Normandy: its attempt to clone the Google Reader API (which runs on the Google App Engine). With less than a month before Google Reader signs off for good, Feedly says its Normandy back end is up and running. That means if you are a Google Reader user and you plan to switch to it, your RSS feeds should transfer seamlessly, according to Feedly.

App partnerships: Feedly has spent the last 60 days adding new hardware and weekly updates on its migration progress. In the midst of these changes, the service has confirmed partnerships with the developers of popular apps Reeder, Press, Nextgen Reader, Newsify, and gReader. Android,  iPhone/Mac, and Windows 8 users all can utilize the technology to get their daily news feeds on the go.

Reimagine reading: By offering users condensed views as well as visual content delivered in a card format, the service aims to change the way readers interact with RSS feeds, focusing not just on what users read, but how they read.

What alternatives have you found to Feedly in your search? Let us know in the comments below.


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Jasmine McGee

By Jasmine McGee

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