Lunchtime Links: The Rise of Vine

Twitter’s video-sharing tool, Vine, is growing like a weed. What could it add to your association’s social media strategy? Also: Two mobile apps that aim to seep into your daily routine.

Short, snappy videos are the new social media fad on the block. Has your association jumped on the Vine bandwagon?

That, and more on mobile apps, in today’s Lunchtime Links:

A Vine new world: Twitter’s mobile video app, Vine, has reached a whopping 13 million users in about four months, and it’s not stopping there. The app recently became available to Android users. To put that in context, it took Instagram about a year to reel in 10 million users and even longer to come to Android phones, according to The New York Times’ Bits Blog. “Part of the appeal of Vine lies in its simplicity, particularly the interface of the tool, which lets people shoot and edit clips by tapping the screen and quickly uploading them to the app and to the Web,” NYT tech writer Jenna Wortham notes on Bits Blog. Has your association integrated Vine or another video tool into its social media outreach?

Creating a productive, app-y routine: How can a mobile app help improve your productivity? The key is finding one that fits your needs. If you’re forgetful, get one that’s alert heavy. Or if you long for more organization, get one that’s more like a calendar than a checklist. App designers themselves are looking for ways to help. One example, Any.DO, uses a to-do-list reminder format that helps manage your daily routines. Check out Fast Company’s take on why and how productivity apps are poised to become rituals in users’ lives.

Summer reading: With the weather perfect for some patio reading, you may be looking for some great new summer reads. To help, Business Insider compiled “27 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read.” From building  a startup to developing business ideas, the list is packed with selections to improve your leadership skills and strategy.

What interesting books or reads have your attention today? Let us know in the comments.


Anita Ferrer

By Anita Ferrer

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