Social Media Roundup: The Art of Keeping Your Interns Happy

Running endless errands and fetching coffee is a recipe for a making your interns unhappy. Instead, try giving them actual work to do. Also: Tips on how to have a great meeting.

Although a recent court case could affect the future of internships, they aren’t going away anytime soon. So how can your association keep its interns happy?

In today’s Social Media Roundup, get some tips on that front, and learn how to ensure that your next meeting is great one. More below:

I’ve Got Work To Do

Making the daily coffee run isn’t in your interns’ job description, so don’t have them fetching java. Instead, give them practical work experience, even if it’s basics such as filing, answering the phone, or conducting business correspondence. “Knowing how an office runs is important, too, as they probably need all the experience they can get, but giving them a tangible project goes a long way in building a future portfolio for a successful employee,” writes Sarah Hill for the MemberClicks blog.  Making sure your interns feel valuable by not wasting their talents is a great way to keep them happy. (ht @rockettm

Pause: Great Ideas are Brewing

Donuts and coffee shouldn’t be the highlight of your weekly staff meeting. Instead, create an atmosphere steeped in productivity, and you’ll be on your way to having great meetings. Fast Company offers up 11 tips on how to do just that. Here’s one for people always rushing off to meetings: Pause. Says author Clay Shirky, “Time taken to pause … even if it is a few seconds, can be valuable. It could be the difference between a good idea and a great idea in your next meeting.” Adding moments of silence to your meeting could give attendees a chance to reflect and form new ideas that might have been lost in the frenzy of a packed agenda. (ht @eventbrite)

How does your association add productivity to weekly meetings? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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