Lunchtime Links: Celebrate Your Team’s Interdependence

The best organizations have employees who work well together. Also: Storify gets a facelift—and new user settings.

In light of Independence Day, association leadership consultant and speaker Jeffrey Cufaude reminds us that organizations are made up of interdependent beings who work best when they work together.

That, and more, in today’s Lunchtime Links:

Happy Interdependence Day: It’s no secret that many associations rise or fall on the strength and commitment of staff. Writing for his blog, Idea Architects, consultant Jeffrey Cufaude reminds us that it’s important for staff to lift each other and their organizations up. “While independent mindsets can lead to greater initiative and speed-to-market, we might be better served in organizations if we acknowledged and embraced our interdependence,” Cufaude writes. “That’s the beauty (or agony, depending on your perspective) of interdependence: It asks us to be as concerned with the efforts of others as we are with our own. It asks us to own the whole, not just our individual piece of the puzzle.” How does your organization celebrate its interdependence?

Images included: Does your association use the online content curation tool Storify? Writing for CMSWire, Barry Levine sheds light on two new features you might find useful. The first is an “Editor” view that facilitates multi-user access to a collection of stories for editing purposes. A new lock feature ensures one user will not overwrite another user’s changes. The second feature integrates visual elements into the Storify experience, including a new grid template that automatically displays images shared by users as part of the story thread. Do these new tools make Storify a better option for associations?

Save your RSS data: After months of announcements and nervous anticipation, Google Reader finally closed its doors for good this week. If you used the once-popular RSS service, a recent report from tech site Gizmodo reveals that your data is still accessible for a limited time via Google’s data center. Looking to port your RSS information to an alternative provider, such as Digg or Feedly? You have until July 15 to retrieve your data using Google Takeout. Better get moving.

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