Social Media Roundup: Meeting Time Is Joker Time

Your meetings may go better if you tell a few jokes and make your colleagues laugh. Also: 11 skills and qualities to look for in an association social media manager.

Hosting a meeting? Brush up on your comedy skills. Laughter can signal important things about you and make a big impact on your meetings.

The details, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:


Why is humor so important during meetings? Here’s how I like to start a meeting: “Thanks, everyone, for coming to the meeting. I’m a little nervous right now, so I’m picturing all of you in your underwear. Nice Spider-Man briefs, Phil.” Next time you’re running a meeting, try telling your own fun joke and get the room giggling. A person who uses humor is signaling that they are intelligent, creative, and playful. Jonathan Bradshaw, CEO of The Meetology Group, compiles several studies about laughter and how it influences how we interact with others. For instance, he writes, “Humour has also been shown to aid negotiations in meetings too. Whilst not related to jokes specifically, psychologists have found that when we are in a good mood we tend to be far better at negotiating.” (ht @LBIAudioVideo)

SOCIAL MEDIA skills needed

Your association needs an outstanding social media manager. He or she shouldn’t just be good at updating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the rest. The best person should also be capable of creating or obtaining fresh, high-quality content and knowing how to read the room of your online community and match the tone. Jenise Fryatt of the Event Planning blog offers 11 skills and qualities to look for in an association social media manager. Here’s a great one: “Your SM manager candidates will be all over the internet. Google their names and see what happens. If you get crickets, run.” (ht @dshiao)

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