Social Media Roundup: The Art of Printed Brochures

In this day and age, having a digital presence for your business is almost mandatory, but don't forsake printed brochures at your next event. Also: Your meeting attendees should have the freedom to make choices.

Whether you keep it simple or go all-out with design, a printed brochure is still a great way to promote an event or initiative.

Discover the different types of brochures out there, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Choosing The Right Brochure

Don’t laugh—printing stuff on paper is still a necessary part of what associations do, so it’s best to know your options. And while printing can be expensive, a well-designed brochure could be worth the cost. In her HubPages article “How to Use Brochure Printing for Your Business,” marketing expert Heidi Thorne gives a full breakdown of the types of brochures, designs, printing, and paper options. Why does it matter? Thorne writes that a “well-organized and beautifully printed physical brochure can often make a significant impression since it engages multiple senses (vision, touch), which can improve chances of making a sale. Carefully evaluate whether the intended audience is more likely to respond to an online or printed piece.” (ht @heidithorne)

Participant-Driven Meetings

Give your meeting attendees the freedom to choose how they learn, engage, and connect. It can be difficult to please everyone, but by giving attendees a choice, you can create a vibrant experience that is truly participant-driven. In his latest blog post (complete with cute photos of his grandkids), former physics prodigy and master event planner Adrian Segar discusses how social production should be a model for adopting innovative participant-driven meetings. “Meeting planners now need to take on the ‘frightening job’ of changing conference models to those that give participants real choices about what, how, and with whom they engage, learn, and connect,” writes Segar. (ht @CUTComs)

What choices are you giving your meeting attendees? Let us know in the comments.


Jasmine McGee

By Jasmine McGee

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