Idea Bank: Member Marketers

How a pharmacists group is using a marketing toolkit for its meetings.

What’s the great idea? Create a marketing toolkit for your meetings, open to members, vendors, and partners to use for free.

Who’s doing it? International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists

What’s involved? After noticing that members and exhibitors were going to the IACP website to grab images to create their own website banners and email signature art, the academy decided to create a comprehensive toolkit providing cohesive, consistent messaging and branding.

“We wanted to empower [members and vendors] to market and promote the meeting with us,” says Meridyth Garcia, director of events and education for IACP. “We went and created, with our graphic design team, a couple different items, including a web banner that they could post to their website and Facebook page, email signature items with links, and a quarter-page ad that can be included in print or electronic publications.”

The items are available for use by anyone, regardless of their registration status.

What are people saying? Attendees and exhibitors who want to communicate with one another about the event now have tools to help get the word out.

“It’s made their campaign, or at least the positioning of the meeting, a little easier for them,” Garcia says.

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Rob Stott

By Rob Stott

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