Lunchtime Links: Google Hangouts Get a Quality Boost

Google Hangouts get an upgrade to HD video. Also: These tech entrepreneurs are revolutionizing the event industry.

Google is rolling out HD video conferencing for Hangouts. Is this the end of video lag?

What you need to know about the new Hangouts, and more, in today’s Lunchtime Links:

More than a pretty picture: When Google introduced video chats, it seemed like such a good idea. After all, who wouldn’t want to see the person he or she is talking to? But the technology hasn’t necessarily lived up to its hype. Sure, you can see the person on the other end of the line, but that’s assuming you’re able to see past annoying lag times, sound disruptions, and universally poor picture quality. Google recently moved to address some of these issues and more when it began the process of upgrading its video Hangouts from H.264 video codec to VP8, which enables the widespread use of HD-quality video. Writing for GigaOM, Janko Roettgers details the change and discusses why it could mean more than an upgrade in picture quality for users. “[T]he move to VP8 isn’t just about looks,” he writes. “It’s also a first step towards letting users video chat in the browser without the need for any plugins,” which could result in fewer third-party software downloads. Does your association use video chats to connect employees and other stakeholders? The new technology might be worth a look.

Disruptive Event Planning: Technology entrepreneurs are in love with the term “disruptive.” Most people associate the term with distractions—the mouthy student chewing gum in the back of the classroom or that chatty guy talking on his cell phone in the movie theater. But “disruptive technology” has a decidedly more positive connotation. It means you’ve created something new that has changed the way people live and work—and almost always for the better. Writing for the Event Manager Blog, editor Julius Solaris profiles technology entrepreneurs whose products and services are disrupting the event world—in a good way. What’s the secret to their success? “A common trait is that at no stage [did they pursue] something others were trying to do,” writes Solaris, “a big lesson if you are thinking to offer a tech solution to the event industry.”

Got tagline? The best taglines are the ones that resonate. Consumers see them on a billboard or in a magazine advertisement and immediately associate taglines with the established reputation and value of the brand. Think Like a Rock, from Chevy. Just Do It, from Nike. Or even, Got Milk? Does your association have a tagline? Better yet, does it use it effectively? Writing for his company blog, Steve Drake, president of association consultancy SCD Group, Inc., suggests several tips for developing a better, more effective association tagline.

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