Social Media Roundup: Do Your Job Postings Sound Robotic?

Job postings are like windows to your organization’s soul. Make sure they have a human voice. Plus: creating a parental leave policy.

Tedious, bulleted lists in job ads probably aren’t sending the right message about your organization, and you may not attract the candidates you want. It isn’t hard to humanize a job ad.

The details, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Humanizing Job Postings

You are not a robot: Ever read a job posting that was a dry, dreary laundry list of duties and the necessary qualifications? “Excellent communication skills required, MBA preferred, must have 10+ years experience.” It doesn’t exactly inspire warm, fuzzy feelings about the employer. Human Workplace CEO Liz Ryan likens those ads to screwed-up guys who only date lonely women. Yikes. Avoid toxic relationships like that by showing up as a human being when you place a job ad. Here’s a tip: Explain why the position is open—is it a brand new role, or did someone get promoted? Ryan also recommends including something about the personality of the company. For instance: “Our team is full of creative and random people who wear what they want to work.” No question, a real human wrote that—someone you might actually want to work for. (ht @CamilleGulickTR)

Parental Leave

Reporting for diaper duty: Like most things about the royal baby, Prince William’s two-week paternity leave made big news. Some headlines declared him the “modern dad” while others predicted that a “Prince William effect” would lead to more men taking time off after the birth or adoption of a child. If your organization is contemplating its parental leave policy, Gwen Moran at Entrepreneur offers a few things to consider. For starters, get to know the law. The Family and Medical Leave Act requires 12 weeks of “unpaid, job-protected” leave for both men and women, but there are numerous conditions and exceptions you should be aware of. Your state may also have its own provisions. (ht @josegomezjr)

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