Social Media Roundup: How to Connect With the Online A-List

Online influencers are people with big voices and big audiences on the web, and they can help your association accomplish its goals. Here’s how to reach them. Plus: Should your association host an open house?

Imagine if an important CEO or a well-loved columnist tweeted about your association. You could spread your message and potentially reach new members.

The details, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

OnlINE Influencers

The cool kids: Remember back in high school when everyone looked up to certain kids? The internet is the same way. It has its own group of A-listers, people with large personalities, great ideas, and big voices in their niche. These online influencers can help your business or association, but first you have to connect with them. Lewis Howes of Entrepreneur suggests five ways to do so. Here’s one: Don’t just say hello; offer to interview them. Successful people like telling their story, which you can post on your blog. They’ll most likely link to it and start paying attention to what you do. Voila, you’ve made an influential connection. (ht @MichaelAPecci)

Open Houses

Come on in: Should your association host an open house? Steve Drake of SCD Group recently attended an open house for a local hospital and was surprised at the large number of people who attended. Could such an event benefit your organization? He says it depends. If you’re a local or community-based association, then yes, this could absolutely be a great way to provide information about what you do for the community. If you represent a regional or national cause, it still may be something to consider. Open houses suggest transparency and community relations. Has your association held an open house? Was it beneficial? Tell us in the comments. (ht @causeaholic)

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Chris Brandon

By Chris Brandon

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