Social Media Roundup: Goofing Off for a Workplace Boost

Success runs on goofy: Letting loose can enhance your workplace efficiency and personal well-being. Also: the cost of high millennial turnover in your workforce.

Scrap the burnout by plugging in a little “you” time. Overworking may stifle the creativity that relaxing—or goofing off—otherwise permits. Have a planner? Add a “do nothing” tab to today’s itinerary. Give it this subhead: “Take a deep breath.”

The details, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Overcoming Overworking

Get goofy. Concentration stretches thin for the overworked, drying up the creative pool of problem-solving abilities, writes Adam Rifkin in his LinkedIn article “How Goofing Off Can Make You More Successful.” The self-professed “undercaffeinated” and “overconnected” Rifkin offers his three golden tips for achieving workplace success: do nothing, be social, and serve others. Dream, hike, tweet—whatever your goofy way, take time to relax, allowing your attention to drift. It’s a surefire trick to rejuvenate the brain, refresh your energy, and stir the juices of your creative thinking. (ht @ChatterBachs)

Millennial state of mind

Clocking in, the millennial way: With millennial workers projected to make up more than a third of the workforce by next year, employers need to pay attention to what they want out of their work experience. A Millennial Branding report finds that 45 percent of employers have high turnover rates with Gen Y workers. Meanwhile, Forbes writer Kate Taylor reports that 60 percent of millennials leave their companies within three years, while others turn to freelancing and self-employment. The costs of hiring—and losing and replacing—employees mounts quickly, making retention key. How can your association maintain office standards while creating a workplace culture that fulfills millennial expectations? (ht @evcmtv)

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