Social Media Roundup: How Member Testimonials Can Benefit You

Testimonials can go a long way toward turning a prospective attendee's "I dunno" to "See you there!" Here's why. Also: Don't let boredom drive bad decisions.

A positive firsthand account of your event fuels interest, boosts membership, and, at best, makes your organization look pretty darn good.

Why you should embrace the member testimonial, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

True Believer

So they say: In a courtroom, they call it evidence. For us, member testimonial fits fine—a firsthand account of positive experience that could nudge “I don’t know if I should go to your conference” to “Sign me up now!” Member testimonials show “potential attendees the success and significance of your event from an unbiased attendee standpoint,” according to an Event Commercials blog post. The post advises on the where-to and how-to of including and posting member accounts. Go ahead, give the Event Commercials post a gander—the information could prove useful. (And yes, that’s our user testimonial.) (ht @evcmtv)

RoadBlock Ahead

I solemnly swear I am up to no good: Business is growing, but same old, same old gets boring. Red flag! Countering boredom by launching initiatives on a whim can prove dangerous—though, as silver linings go, you learn from each mistake,‘s Norm Brodsky writes in his piece “The Entrepreneur’s Biggest Pitfall: Boredom.” We sometimes need a good head-whack to “discover deeper truths about ourselves and make the necessary adjustments,” Brodsky says. Still, take a moment to think actions through. You’ll put boredom aside in lieu of positive organizational decisions. (ht @amymwilkinson)

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Emma Beck

By Emma Beck

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