Social Media Roundup: The Benefits To Getting Creative

Tap in to your creative side. Your organization—and brain—will reap the benefits. Plus: How AT&T fueled Twitter activity with a pop of a balloon. Really.

A creative boost gives your brain what a shot of espresso allows your body: a much-needed wake-me-up. Challenging the mind fires off new signals and rewires how the brain processes information, according to Evernote CEO Phil Libin.

The details, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:


Creativity, in key: A spoonful of creativity—or in this case, a note that brings melody to mind—rewires how you think and refreshes how you apply your know-how. For Evernote CEO Phil Libin, the challenge of learning to play the piano snapped something in his mind, he says in his article “How a Creative Hobby Can Do Wonders For Your Business.” He approaches his office responsibilities differently, citing the grand instrument as the force that renewed his productivity in the workplace. “I’m smarter than I was a few months ago, with new ways of seeing things, a new mental vocabulary, and greater cognitive dexterity,” he writes. Tap into your creative side. You’ll be humming to a new arrangement of that same old song. (ht @JornBuhring)

Blown Away

Plugging into the virtual airwaves: Here’s the strategy: Connect a deflated balloon to a computerized pump, and trigger the pump to release air as individuals tweet a specified hashtag. Some 200 to 700 tweets later, the one that makes that balloon pop will win a prize. Brilliant, right? That’s how AT&T fueled its Twitter engagement at a handful of its sponsored events, reports BizBash’s Mitra Sorrells in her article on encouraging Twitter activity at events. “There are a lot of Twitter walls that show tweets as they come in,” said Andrew Knutson, manager for Team Epic, the company behind the strategy, “but this performs a physical action and it happens within less than a second.” Pump the PR work using the digital thumbs of your event attendees. Your tweeters and tweets could well be blown away. (ht @JoeLeavitt)

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