Social Media Roundup: What To Know Before You Upgrade iOS

Technology's fruit giant is delivering an OS upgrade on Wednesday. Here's what you should know. Plus: how to get out of a work slump.

For the seventh time around, iOS is back. Apple is releasing an operating system upgrade that applies to many of its recent devices—from the (relatively) vintage iPhone 4 to the dazzling display of the colorful iPhone 5S.

The details, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Fruit Fix

Take a bite: The latest iOS, version 7 (reportedly set for a Wednesday release, though Apple’s mum on the precise time of arrival), is not solely reserved for the colorful. The technology applies to the iPhone 4 and up, iPod Touch 5 and later, and iPad 2 and later, CMSWire’s Chris Knight notes. So how to prepare? First, back up your device, ensuring contacts, data, and photos are up to date. While you’re at it, free up space on your device; you’ll need roughly 2 to 3 GB for the new iOS alone. And Knight’s word to the wise: patience. You might do well “to give the opening day rush a miss and come back at a more sensible time,” he suggests. (ht @CXMWorld)

Color Me Silly

An optimistic attitude goes a long way: Work got you in a slump? Repeat after us: PMA—positive mental attitude. Sure, your job isn’t perfect, but it could be worse, according to U.S. News & World Report contributor Luke Roney. Find your silver lining: Your job helps support everything you enjoy, from your family to dining out to (ahem) that shopping addiction of yours. If you’re unhappy on the job, home in on the source of your pain. Is it your boss? The work culture? Your day-to-day responsibilities? You’re in charge of your own happiness, Roney reminds. Do something nice for another; it’ll leave you feeling better. Our suggestion? Crack open the gratitude journal and jot down five positives of the day. It’ll shift how you see your situation—and all that’s around you. Life plays in color once you push that murky, gray reel of hopelessness aside. (ht @StartWire)

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