Lunchtime Links: The Shelf Life of Social Media Trends

The cat craze of 2013, as social media trends go, has clocked out. Plus: Know a friend with Google Glass? Be really nice to them.

The cat craze of 2013, as social media trends go, has clocked out. Plus: Know a friend with Google Glass? Be really nice to them.

The social media cat craze is so yesterday—as are the plethora of internet trends that go out as quickly as they come in. Why your social media know-how needs constant refreshing, and more, in today’s Lunchtime Links.

Meowed out: Are you still posting about cats? Dude, cats are so last year, according to The Webby Awards’ first ever report, “Cats Are Over: Social Media in the Post Cat Economy.” Their point: “These days, brands not only compete against each other for attention, but also against the internet-famous cats themselves.” Translation: If you’re still posting about cats—or the same message everyone else is spreading—your words will get lost among the flood of web content. The report offered these suggestions to help you stand out in the social media field: Customize your Twitter background, keep your information bite-sized, and deliver content that’s “relevant, interesting, and in line with expectations.” What tactics does your association take to ensure fresh content for a successful social media approach?

“L” is for leader: Facebook and Twitter are the first to step out on the VIP carpet of social network fame. But if you want to get visitors from social media to your corporate site, focus on the new Queen Bee: LinkedIn, advises Social Media Today’s Steve Rayson. Sixty-four percent of visits to corporate pages from social media originate from LinkedIn; Facebook, on the other hand, directs 17 percent of social-sourced traffic, and Twitter 14 percent. How have you brushed up on your LinkedIn marketing?

Golden ticket: Christmas might come early if you’re among the lucky threesomes who get an invitation to purchase a Google Glass early. Google has extended the invitation to its current users, allowing them to choose three friends to purchase the product before the smartwear hits the public market, reports Los Angeles Times’ Salvador Rodriguez. Why? “More Explorers means more feedback, and more feedback means better Glass,” Google said in a statement on Google+. As for current users, they have the option to swap their “old” Google Glass for the upgraded version, free of charge. The best bet: The newer models come in cooler colors. Now that sounds like a good loyalty program to us…

How do you extend your loyalty perks to prospective members? Tell us in the comments.


Emma Beck

By Emma Beck

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