Social Media Roundup: The Value of Collaboration

Using technology to improve collaboration. Plus: How to grow your culture along with your organization.

Computers get a lot of grief for causing people to become isolated. But that’s not always the case. How technology can help you increase collaboration in the workplace, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Team up: You’ve heard the expression work smarter, not harder. Writing for SocialFish, Maddie Grant cites a recent series of posts by business consultant John Stepper on the value of collaboration within your organization. Stepper offers several ways technology can improve collaboration within the workplace, including the integration of intra-office social networks, where employees can bounce ideas off one another and share documents without printing them out, and the benefits of a bring-your-own device policy that enables organizations to save money while allowing employees to interact using the devices with which they are most comfortable. (h/t @ChatterBachs)

In the Now

Twitter live: It used to be that pulling out your cellphone in the middle of a meeting was considered rude. But thanks to the popularity of Twitter and other social platforms, some presenters have started to view the appearance of phones as a sign of respect. (They like what I have to say so much, they’re tweeting about it!) Writing for the Event Manager Blog, Editor Julius Solaris shares an infographic from Social@Ogilvy that suggests the best ways to tweet from a live event. Solaris says educating your audience about the power of social media at your next event could be the key to unlocking the potential of that elusive user-generated content. (h/t @EventMB)

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Alexis Williams & Alexis Davis

By Alexis Williams & Alexis Davis

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