Social Media Roundup: Candy Crush and Member Engagement

You can learn a few things about member engagement from a popular online game. Plus: diagramming the modern association member.

Ever played Candy Crush on Facebook? If you haven’t, you might want to start. Lessons in member engagement from the popular online game, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup.

Candy Crush Course

Game time: Sure, those Facebook requests asking you to join Candy Crush are annoying. But there’s no denying the game’s phenomenal success. While banking its creators more than $250 million, the addictive online time-waster has managed to connect millions of fans. So what can associations learn about member engagement from the popular online diversion? Writing for .orgSource, Jack McGrath, president and creative director of Digitec Interactive, poses several potential answers to that question. His suggestions: Use unpredictability to keep your association’s website fresh, consider a points system that allows members to compete on a friendly level, and create a rewards program that offers members something in return for their participation. (h/t @saforian)

The Modern Member

Picture of need: Is your organization losing touch with its members? Writing for Avectra, nonprofit veteran Lyn Slater shares an infographic that attempts to paint a picture of modern association members, what they need, and how organizations can adapt to meet those needs. The graphic covers a range of issues, from technology to the growth of social media to societal and workplace changes. Its authors ask the question “Is America still a nation of joiners?” Pointing to research that says association membership has fallen 25 percent over the last 25 years, the graphic offers several tips for organizations looking to adapt to a changing world while simultaneously working to grow their membership. (h/t @AttendInteract)


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