Social Media Roundup: Defining the Role of the CEO

How to leverage the power of the CEO to improve your organization. Plus: nine questions to ask when drawing up your IT strategy.

It may seem obvious, but explaining the CEO’s role isn’t simple. With the organization’s success at stake and only limited time to spend assisting employees, CEOs need to be clear about which tasks they claim responsibility for. That, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup.

Defining Role

Job description: Your CEO is clearly the leader of your organization. But, despite his or her position at the top of the org chart, do employees truly have a grasp of the CEO’s role? Writing for his blog, author and association consultant Jamie Notter examines the difference between “accountability and responsibility.” While many organizations’ leaders tend to lean toward responsibility, or an ownership approach to leadership, Notter suggests that fostering a shared approach of accountability from the top down might be a better idea. Notter poses this question to association leaders: “As CEO, how can you leverage your position, your power, and your expertise to best enable the success of your organization?” Well, CEOs, how do you answer that question? (h/t @sgiarde)

Tech Plan


Upgrade IT: As companies, and associations, continue to adjust to a workplace dominated by new and changing technologies, McKinsey’s Paul Willmott offers nine pivotal questions to ask when sitting down to talk strategy. Among his suggestions: Take a long look at your competition, carefully evalaute your technology portfolio, and be sure to include a process for accountability. Since accountability is not always obvious in IT, he advises organizations to “define a clear IT operating model” and to ensure that model supports the company’s business priorities. Along with learning how to measure success and productivity, Willmott addresses other issues sure to crop up in initial planning discussions, such as social media and cybersecurity. (h/t @ThadLurie)

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