Social Media Roundup: What Jeff Bezos Would Bring to an Association

With Jeff Bezos getting comfortable at The Washington Post, one association pro imagines what he would do on the other side of K Street. (Hint: It involves the internet.) Plus: Believe it or not, only a comfortable bed is more important than fast hotel WiFi for travelers.

Now that Jeff Bezos is officially the owner of The Washington Post, some are imagining what he could teach their associations if he ever became their chief executive officer.

That and more in today’s Social Media Roundup:

From Amazon to Associations?

Internet innovation: As founder and CEO of the e-commerce giant Amazon.com, Bezos knows a lot about the power of communication and word of mouth online. Avectra’s Deirdre Reid uses a bit of imagination and statements from Bezos to examine how he might lead an association. He has said that the newspaper industry “is fundamentally challenged by the transitions created by the internet” and that “all businesses need to be young forever.” He could have said the same about associations. Bezos fully believes in the internet as a tool for transforming legacy organizations and in the enthusiasm and knowledge of a younger generation to keep any organization running like new.

Think in terms of your association: If your members are aging faster than you’re gaining new (think 20-something) members, something has gone awry. Without the fresh ideas that millennials bring, your association could soon hit a dead end. Take a cue from Bezos and allow them to get behind the wheel and test-drive the online message you are delivering to your audience.

WiFi Woes

Don’t lose sleep over it: What makes a traveler pick one hotel over another? For many, it’s about the quality of the WiFi. While some believe the internet should be free, the Q3 Mobile Workforce Report from iPass says that hotel guests are now willing to pay for quality WiFi and often consider the strength of a hotel’s WiFi connection more important than anything else—except a comfortable bed. More than half of mobile workers surveyed want free WiFi regardless of the quality, even though a slow and erratic connection would prevent them from returning.

MeetingsNet also notes that the purpose of a trip—business or pleasure—did not matter: Respondents said they want reliable WiFi on vacations too so they’re not overwhelmed upon their return to the office.

Keen business travelers should always be aware of other lodging options. Don’t be afraid of thinking outside the box: If you’re finding traditional hotels aren’t cutting it, we suggest trying a hostel on your next business adventure. (Hey, it could be fun!)

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Alexis Davis

By Alexis Davis

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