Social Media Roundup: Why Hiring Is a Lot Like Dating

When you're hiring, you're always looking for a great match. Plus, associations can’t afford to pretend Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) don’t exist.

Associations should take notice of Brian Wong, the 22-year-old founder of mobile rewards firm Kiip, who has built his company through successful, if somewhat unorthodox, hiring practices. That, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup.

You Make Me Feel So Young

What’s your superpower? Brian Wong founded Kiip, a mobile rewards network, when he was 19 years old. Even more impressive? Wong has hired more than 60 “Kiipers” in the past three years. Wong says he looks for three traits in a successful job candidate: “teacher-ability” (many of the people he hires are older than he is), passion, and energy. Some of his interview tactics include asking potential hires what their “superpower” is, requiring them to write their own job descriptions, and getting to know the person in a social setting. Wong equates hiring to dating: “You’ve got to meet them and figure out what they’re like (or what they aren’t like) and see if there’s a future there,” he says in a recent LinkedIn article. (h/t @kkish)

Don’t Fear the MOOCs

Back to school: Associations shouldn’t ignore the growing popularity and influence of Massive Open Online Courses, according to a recent blog post at Peach New Media. Online learning not only offers unique educational opportunities; it also provides access to training and certificate programs that allow students and professionals to “expand their knowledge base while being able to validate their accomplishment,” the article states. Associations can compete with the new movement by making sure their education programs meet members’ licensing requirements and that they attract people interested in continuing education, while also offering a “simple, single sign-on experience.” (h/t @deirdrereid)

Has your association done anything to revamp its educational offerings in light of the rising popularity of MOOCs? Tell us in the comments.


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