Social Media Roundup: Now Buffer Does the Two-Step

The social management platform Buffer boosts its security measures following an October hack. Plus: The index card's clever way of making you more productive.

The social management platform Buffer boosts its security measures following an October hack. Plus: the index card’s clever way of making you more productive.

An October security breach rattled Buffer’s services—fueling the social media management system’s drive to bolster its security measures.

More on Buffer’s security updates in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Rebuffing a Hack

Double defense: The October hacking incident that targeted the social media management suite Buffer brought about a notably aggressive company response. While the incident was “something we would have hoped to never face in our lives,” according to the company’s Belle Beth Cooper, they used the opportunity to launch new security measures this week. The company’s new 2-Step Login mechanism allows users to activate an additional security code to access their accounts. Like other two-factor setups, Buffer’s option utilizes a mobile device, adding a physical factor for security’s sake. (Need directions on how to set it up? Cooper provides a step-by-step how-to.) Beyond that, Buffer has also bolstered its breached credentials, encrypting all stored email addresses and access tokens that allow it to post on users’ social media accounts. (ht: @buffer)

The Day’s Handy Index

Productivity tidbits: Index cards were the ideal memorization tool for your grade-school vocabulary words. But don’t dismiss the value of the deck for accomplishing today’s tasks. The old-school cards are perfect for your to-do list, according to Happy Black Woman’s Rosetta Thurman. Why the index card? The limited space requires you to prioritize tasks, rather than jotting down an overwhelming count of the week’s must-finish assignments. “I’ve been using this index card technique for the past couple of years, and it’s been amazing for my business. No matter what happens, I get at least a few tasks completed every single day,” she writes. As for whatever doesn’t get done today? Go ahead and slap it on tomorrow’s card! (ht: @happyblackwoman)

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