Social Media Roundup: The Personal Approach to Member Engagement

Tips to boosting member engagement, the personal way. Plus: How mobile technology can benefit your recruiting efforts.

Get personal to boost your member engagement. Plus: how mobile technology can benefit your recruiting efforts.

A step-by-step guide to member engagement for everyone would be ideal—but an individualized approach is your solution when it comes to increasing involvement.

These tips, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Keeping Tabs

Check in with members: Member engagement would be a breeze if you could handle it the same way every time. But that isn’t quite the case—making it that much more important to tailor your engagement techniques to the expectations of your membership base. How so? According to Christina G. Smith, in her last post for, “True engagement comes from conversations.” Smith suggests training your staff and volunteers how to make members feel that their place in your organization does matter (because it should!). Try reaching out to them for reasons other than just asking for donations—say, wishing them happy birthday or asking for their opinion. What works for your organization when it comes to improving member engagement? (ht @CMInnovators)

Tech-Focused Hiring

Recruitment in the age of devices: Mobile recruiting has expanded the pool of prospective employees—that is, if you’re fully tapping into its capabilities. But companies are “way behind” on using mobile systems in hiring, according to Jessica Miller-Merrell of Blogging4Jobs. Why? According to Miller-Merrell, executives don’t see the value mobile tools would bring to the recruitment process. In some cases, execs have even argued that mobile-based hiring is a form of age discrimination—a claim she quickly dispels. As a result, she says, “we are slow to adapt, evolve, and invest when our consumer counterparts are going crazy buying, investing, and using the latest technology.” Investing in technology for recruitment can keep your hiring up to speed in an ever-changing, digital environment. In the end, isn’t reaching the best people and hiring the most qualified candidate a great ROI? (ht @ceVoke)

How do you use technology in your recruiting processes? Tell us in the comments.


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