Social Media Roundup: Why Making Mistakes is OK

Learn from your errors and then let the mistakes slide. Plus: Avoid spamming your members.

Mistakes can happen when you and your association are willing to take a risk and try something new. So get up from that slump—and, instead, use the slip-up as a learning experience.

The details, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup.

Learning Curve

Trial and error: Practically perfect fits in Mary Poppins’ world, but for the greater half of workplace employees, mistakes are inevitable. And, according to the National Fluid Power Association’s CEO Eric Lanke, that’s OK. “No one gets in trouble around here for making mistakes. They get in trouble for not learning from the mistakes they make,” he writes. By avoiding stepping away from the comfort zone to try something new, your organization will never grow; take the risk, but plan ahead to prepare, he says.  And for the mistakes that do happen—well, you’ll know better for next time. (ht: @ericlanke)

You’ve Got Mail

Spam is better in a can, not your inbox: Member outreach should involve targeting individuals who show vested interest in your organization’s mission—not sending out a flurry of random emails. That’s the advice from Event Garde Blog’s Aaron Wolowiec. “[Members] only have so much time, money and patience—and would rather receive a few, hand-selected opportunities than every single communication your organization writes,” Wolowiec says. So how to avoid spamming members? Among his recommendations: Ask a volunteer to read through your solicitation before it’s sent off. Take your time as you mass customize the emails, scheduling the messages far enough apart so they don’t flood your members’ inboxes. (ht: @aaronwolowiec

How do you customize emails and avoid spamming members? Tell us in the comments.


Emma Beck

By Emma Beck

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