Technology Conference: On the Right Track

Big changes are in store for ASAE’s 2013 Technology Conference & Expo.

Big changes are in store for ASAE’s 2013 Technology Conference & Expo.

From the educational format ­featuring five “pathways” to the tradeshow floor layout, the 2013 Technology Conference & Expo, December 4–5 in Washington, DC, has been revamped to provide more value to association professionals up and down the staff ladder. Visit for more info.

CIO Pathway: The CIO Mandate

Thought Leader: Dion Hinchcliffe, executive vice president of strategy, Dachis Group
No matter what size your organization, in today’s techno-centric world it’s more important than ever to make the right technology decisions the first time. Having a technology strategy based on your organization’s strategic objectives is the key to those decisions. What are the critical technologies you need to know about? How do you develop and implement the strategy?

Content Pathway: Future Content: Associations in Action

Thought Leader: Kristina Halverson, owner, Brain Traffic, and Karen McGrane, founder, Bond Art & Science
Content is still king—just ask the new breed of content-hungry mobile members. It’s time to take a step back and ask: Who is creating your most relevant content today? How do you collect it? Where will it be published? What kind of taxonomy do you need to support it? The answers form the backbone of a smart content strategy.

Technical Pathway: Technology Infrastructure for the 21st Century

Thought Leader: David Coriale, president, DelCor Technology Solutions
This one’s for all the geeks out there. Experience technical sessions complete with coding samples, real-life case studies, live demonstrations, and more. Topics include responsive design, e-commerce, AMS/CMS integration, mobile device management, workflow management, and mobile app development.

CEO Pathway: The CEO Technology Agenda

Thought Leader: John Mancini, president, Association for Information and Image Management International
Technology is changing—too fast for even the CIO to keep up with, let alone the CEO. But good technology decisions are critical to your association’s success. As CEO, what should you know about today’s technologies, and how do you cultivate a productive relationship with your organization’s CIO/CTO?

Mobile Pathway: The Mobile Mindset

Thought Leader: Herbert Lindo, Director of Mobility Applications Consulting, AT&T Mobility
The trends are clear: Before long (if it hasn’t happened already), the majority of people accessing the internet will be doing so from a mobile device. This track will explore mobile from all angles, including mobile websites, staff apps and tools, member-facing apps and app development, mobile strategy development, and more.

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