Social Media Roundup: The Role of the CIO in The Transformation of IT

The future of IT—and the CIO’s role in leading change. Plus: event applications come 2014.

With ASAE’s 2013 Technology Conference & Expo wrapped up, association professionals were reminded once more of the possibilities created by technology. But driving change through innovation takes more than just big thinking. It also requires leadership. Examining the role of the CIO in IT’s future, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup. (Want to stay in loop with all things #Tech13? Check out our coverage.)

Expect Change

Change to believe in (is so 2008): The 2013 mantra: Change is to be expected—and your IT department is no exception. Dion Hinchcliffe, chief strategy officer for the social business software and consulting firm Dachis Group, shared his vision for the future of IT—and the role CIOs will play—via his SlideShare, “The New CIO Mandate,” during his Wednesday keynote at Tech13. While most IT leaders today focus on systems used to record information, Hinchcliffe says that by 2020, focus will shift to creating systems for engagement. “CIOs (and CMOs) must put all the new pieces together using all touch points to engage today’s stakeholders in scale,” he adds, citing mobile, social, web, print, and good old-fashioned in-person communication. The challenge: “Don’t constrain IT, [instead] fundamentally empower [these people],” he writes, adding, “Everyone is now in the IT department.” How have you integrated new and emerging technologies within your organization—and what role does your CIO play in promoting change? (ht @dhinchcliffe)

Year of the Event App

Planning prediction: If you spent any amount of time this week walking around the Washington Convention Center during Tech13, you no doubt saw more than a few of your colleagues poking around on their smartphones. Some of them were probably even checking out the conference’s official app. But if you thought apps were big this year, just wait until 2014, writes QuickMobile’s Karra Barron. In addition to focusing on custom apps for single events, Barron foresees evolutions in mobile technologies that will create ways for event planners to keep in touch with conference attendees throughout the year, manage multiple events from a single application, and increasingly connect with attendees over social media. “We love a win-win,” says Barron of the technology. “Don’t you?” (ht @QuickMobile)

How does your organization use event apps? Tell us in the comments.


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