Social Media Roundup: Nip Afternoon Procrastination in the Bud

Prevent distraction, sluggishness, and the other things that cause afternoon procrastination. Plus: Do your website's priorities align with your association's?

Snap to attention—it’s Friday afternoon, and there’s still plenty to be done, and we’ve discovered some tips that can make the next few hours just as productive as the rest of the day.

In today’s Social Media Roundup, fight afternoon procrastination, and refocus your online initiatives on results.

Beat Procrastination

Salvage your afternoons: You may be itching to get out of the office and rev up the weekend. You’re clicking on superfluous links, getting distracted by office chatter; we’ve all been there.

But why do we often suffer from a drop in productivity as the afternoon settles in? David Fallarme, who leads product marketing at Pie, has a lengthy breakdown of the science behind your 4:00 p.m. yawns.

“It’s impossible to work for 8 consecutive hours. We’re not robots. We need to take breaks and take time to recharge and renew with food, sleep and exercise,” Fallarme writes.

Not to spoil Fallarme’s work, but a super short nap, or the right kind of sugar, could make all the difference between a productive late afternoon and a backlog of work the next day.

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Getting the Results You’re Looking For

What your site is all about: Bussolati, a Washington, DC-based content strategy firm, has a pointed reminder of the true purpose of your website beyond the feel-good metrics: “A website is a marketing tool that should generate sales leads.” Or in the case of your association, it should foster interest, membership, and utility.

As founder Monica Bussolati writes:

  1. You show that you’re the expert in your niche by providing content on your site to inform, help, and attract visitors.
  2. Visitors become leads by providing their contact information in exchange for information that they value.
  3. Now you can learn from your visitors as well as market to and convert those leads.

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