Social Media Roundup: A Quiz on To-do Lists

Reorganize the way you're sorting things and get some inspiration for the upcoming year. Plus: A hot new content trend that's not afraid to ask the tough questions.

Nobody’s to-do list is perfect. We all forget things, procrastinate, or get distracted. But there may be a new way to arrange your priorities. And with all of that time freed up by your organization, you can explore some new ideas for reaching out to your members included in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Building Smarter Lists

We need to talk about lists: We all have them, scribbled on notepads or sitting in Outlook, but what if there was a more effective way to prioritize our time? Associate Editor Margarita Tartakovsky brings up author Sam Bennett’s concept of a “could-do list” in an article at PsychCentral. Central to compiling this new sort of list is the inclusion of elements beyond the tasks themselves.

“Specifically, it takes into account several important things: time, finances, your potential return on investment, and whether you want to do the task in the first place.” Tartakovsky writes.

Say you have a simple task that is perpetually delayed, like sending an email, mailing a thank-you note, or checking in with an old association connection. When it’s put on the list, realizing you could complete it in just a few moments with marginal cost could be the very prompt you need to end that procrastination. (ht @rebecca_brandt)

Which (Fill in the Blank) Are You?

Long live the quiz: Buzzfeed is famous for its lists and GIF collections, but recently, it has found success in a format as old as publishing itself: the quiz. The site recently sparked a revival with quizzes like “What City Should You Actually Live In?” Since going live in mid-January, that particular quiz has already gathered 20 million views.

Nieman Journalism Lab’s Caroline O’Donovan takes a look at the Buzzfeed internal struggles to get the new format to work in its CMS, its experimentation with the form, and how other publishers are taking note. (ht @NiemanLab)

What’s Your Association’s Next Step?

Moving to the next level: Idea Architects Consultant Jeffrey Cufaude, tweeting about the California Society of Association Executives, presents a busy collage of ideas for the upcoming year. It’s impossible to make out everything he’s jotted down, but his central questions can clearly spark some brainstorming.

“How can we engage members to move the Association to the next level? We need to look at new ideas or services to provide to members to keep the org moving forward while engaging members?” he wrote. (ht @jcufaude)


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